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You may wonder why Sloan and Samantha’s mom is posting a comment on their Client page.  Besides the fact that I am the one creating this website and felt that I should be able to put my two cents in somewhere…they have also trained two of my dogs.

They trained my Labrador Retriever, Hootie, and have placed a Hunting Retriever Champion title and a Grand pass on her.  She has been a huge joy in my life and is a great companion!  Most recently they have trained my Jack Russell, Zoey, and I could’t be more pleased if I had paid them…haha!  I seriously thought that I would not need their help in training Zoey (after all, I have watched them all these years).  I realized very quickly that I was no match for her speed and desire to explore nature.  After the third time that she ran completely out of site before I was able to get down the front steps – I knew it was time to bring in the pros!  I had to make Zoey an appointment for boot camp…it was the such a sad day 🙁  But…it was so worth it!  I have not had any more problems with her running off and being snatched up by a coyote –  she always comes back when I call her.

Though I may be just a little partial…I think Sloan and Samantha are the best!  I am truly amazed each day with the girls abilities to work with the dogs and their owners.  They have a true passion for what they do and it shows!  

Crissy Williams